Entry Requirements

We provide the opportunity for students to design their own educational packages based on ability, interest and final career destination through guidance and support from subject teachers and personal tutors.

These are the subjects currently on offer; more will be added in the near future to cater for the changing needs of our students.

Subject Specific requirements
Accounting IGCSE Mathematics, Grade B / IGCSE Business Studies Grade B (desirable but not essential)
Applied ICT IGCSE ICT, Grade C or IGCSE Eng (Literature or First Language) Grade B
Art & Design IGCSE Art & Design, Grade B
Biology IGCSE Coordinated Sciences BB or IGCSE Biology and Chemistry, Grade B
Chemistry IGCSE Coordinated Sciences BB or IGCSE Chemistry and Biology, Grade B
Business Studies IGCSE Business, Grade C (desirable but not essential)
Economics IGCSE Mathematics, Grade B and Business Grade B (desirable but not essential)
English Lit IGCSE English – First Language, Grade B
English Lang IGCSE First English Language, Grade B and English Literature, Grade B
French IGCSE French,  Grade B
Geography IGCSE Geography,  Grade B
History IGCSE History,  Grade B
Mathematics IGCSE Mathematics,  Grade B
Physics IGCSE Coordinated Sciences,  Grade BB or IGCSE Physics Grade B and IGCSE Mathematics, Grade B
PE and Sport IGCSE A – C passes.  IGCSE PE (desirable, but not essential)
Psychology IGCSE English Literature & Language, Grade B and Mathematics,  Grade C
Travel & Tourism IGCSE Grade B in Business or Geography or English Language