A Level Mathematics

Key Information

Examination Board Cambridge International Examinations
Syllabus Code 9709
Entry Requirements IGCSE Grade B in Mathematics


Mathematics at A Level is very different to that which you met at IGCSE; the main difference being the detail required in writing the methodology and solutions.  It is simply not enough to obtain the correct solution; a need to show progression in your calculations presented with structure and clarity is vital in succeeding at A Level.

Topics you have previously met, such as geometry, trigonometry and algebra merge to become a unified subject.  These are three key components of the course, and a pre-requisite to studying A Level Mathematics is to ensure that students must be highly confident in working with these topics.

Cambridge International Advanced Supplementary (AS) Levels represent the first half of an A Level course and begins in year 11 after their exams and will continue into year 12.  Some students may only wish to complete the first year of the course leading to the award of the AS Level.  Others will continue into year 13 to complete the full A Level award.

Course Content

Both the AS and the A Level course is divided into 2 modules, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics:

Pure 1 (P1) – Year 12 – studies quadratics, functions, coordinate geometry, circular measure,trigonometry, vectors and calculus.

Pure 2 & 3 (P2&3) – Yr 13 – studies algebra, logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometry,calculus, numerical solutions to equations, vectors, differential equations and complex numbers.

Applied – Statistics 1 (S1) – topics covered will be representation of data, permutations and combinations, probability, discrete random variables and the normal distribution.

Applied – Mechanics (M) – students will study forces and equilibrium, motion in a straight line, Newton’s laws of motion, energy, work and power.


AS Level Examinations:

  • P1. Length: 1 hour 50 mins.  Approx 10 questions totalling 75 marks.  60% total weighting.
  • S1. Length: 1 hour 15 mins.   Approx 7 questions totalling 50 marks.  40% total weighting.

A Level Examinations:

  • P2 & 3. Length: 1 hour 50 mins.  Approx 10 questions totalling 75 marks.  30% total weighting
  • M. Length: 1 hour 15 mins.  Approx 7 questions totalling 50 marks.  20% total weighting.
  • The full A Level combines the P1 and S1 marks converted to a weighting of 30% and 20% respectively, therefore students will have completed the 4 modules P1, P2 & 3, S1 and M to qualify for the full A Level award.


Careers and Progression

Cambridge International A Level Mathematics provides a suitable foundation for the study of Mathematics at universities or other Mathematical related courses or employment opportunities.

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