Study Programmes at ISS

Every student in the ISS 6th Form chooses from a wide range of Cambridge International Education A-Level programmes.

What are A Levels?


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An A-Level is a 2-year course which brings together focused classwork and independent study to guide students towards a genuine in-depth expertise in their subjects.

It is expected that every Year 12 student will be enrolled in 4 subjects at AS-Level. In Year 13, the majority of our students drop down to 3 subjects due to the added depth of study required to complete a subject as a full A-Level. This is not compulsory, but is often advised.

Key Features of the ISS 6th Form Study Programme

• 5 hours per week, per subject, of directed lesson-time with expert teachers in small groups
• Private Study sessions for you to complete both reactive tasks (work set by your teacher) and proactive tasks (independent study, directed by you)
• A fully-furnished sixth form study area is provided for you to complete independent work
• Weekly ‘Personal, Social Development’ (PSD) sessions in which to gain important life skills for the future.
• A university application schedule which ensures you are researching, applying and preparing for higher education in good time to ensure the best chance of a successful placement.

What does a week in ISS 6th Form Look Like?

Year 12: 4 x AS Subjects (20 hours of contact time)

Year 13: 3 x A2 Subjects (15 hours of contact-time)

Students are also encouraged to use our on-site study facilities as well as conducting revision and research outside of home during this time.

Examples of what your Year 12 and Year 13 timetables may look like (click to enlarge):

It is important at this stage that you realise that, like any sixth form, we will be working with you, not for you to help you achieve your goals. There are no shortcuts to success at A-Level. The research quite clearly shows that the students who achieve their full potential at A Level are the ones who put in the same hours of work outside the classroom as they do inside the classroom. If you are willing to do this, and to hold yourself to the same high standards that we hold you to, then we look forward to sharing your A-Level journey with you and cannot wait to work with you.

Please take the time to read the testimony from our students and visit the descriptions of what our individual subjects have to offer.