A Level Psychology

Key Information

Examination Board Cambridge International Examinations
Syllabus Code 9698
Entry Requirements IGCSE Grade B in English Literature & First Language English, Mathematics Grade C.


Students usually enjoy this course as it addresses many questions which pre-occupy adolescents’.  It requires consistent application and, in order to achieve the highest grades, a willingness to ‘read around’ the subject.   Students would usually need a minimum of a B in English; a C grade is acceptable in Maths and Biology.

Course Content

The list of careers which a degree or A-level in Psychology prepares you for is incredibly extensive; it is a useful subject in almost any field because it focuses on the understanding of human behavior, in almost any context.  At ISS, we follow the Cambridge syllabus, which takes a scientific perspective.   This means that the candidate has to be familiar with the research which underpins our understanding of human behaviour, (AS) and then progress to apply this to areas of ‘real-life’, over a choice of two units out of five specialist choices such as Abnormal psychology, Health psychology and Organisational psychology (A2).


Students can take the full two year A-level, or an AS level which can be taken as a ‘stand-alone’ qualification.

  • The AS level is worth 50% of the whole A-level.
  • The A2 level is also worth 50% of the total marks awarded for an A-level.
  • The AS level comprises two 1.5 hour long papers (Paper One and Paper Two) which must be taken at the same time (i.e. in the same exam period, on different days), mainly short 2 mark questions but with a couple of short essay questions.
  • The A2 exam, Paper 3, lasts 3 hours and is taken at one sitting. It comprises a choice of essay questions.

Careers and Progression

Ever heard of a traffic psychologist?  (one who studies drivers, their cars and their driving patterns in order to work with industry in designing cars/trucks/etc.., developing driving tests, advising urban planners etc..).  What of the forensic psychologist?  Helping to reduce crime by developing profiles of serial killers/ terrorists, etc. and helping the forces of law and order to achieve these goals…..  Child Psychologist?  Clinical Psychologist……

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