What our students say…

“A great place where all educational resources are made available to us and we can study at our own pace”

Annie Alvis – Head Girl

“The Sixth Form has allowed me to develop as an independent individual. The common room is a hub for learning and a place where students can better their skills and knowledge on their own in private study.”

Rahul Rai – Head Boy

“At Sixth Form, one does not only enhance their knowledge and learning but also develop confidence, multi-tasking and time management skills.”

Andrea Woodcock – Former Head Girl

“We are a close-knit family of friends, students and young adults. The experience of sixth form has allowed our students to develop and grow, not just on an academic level, but as individuals as well.”

Casey Few – Former Head Boy

“Sixth Form gives you the amazing opportunity to tailor your education. You get to immerse yourselves in the subjects your are most passionate about every day for two years – What more could we, as students, ask for?”

Xenia Pantazopoulou (Deputy Head Girl)

“There is breadth and depth to learning at the ISS, which has taught me that it is my duty to be a global citizen and to be conscious of the world around me. It is a great stepping stone to university, teaching students about the importance of education and that it can be the most powerful tool to affect change in the world.

Karen Doku, Year 12

” I am enjoying my independent learning at ISS, the students work together to achieve best results and staff are always on hand to give advice and support.”

Thanyaphon Sopradit, Year 12